Spring has officially arrived!


It’s even 9AM and I have already moved my plants around, rearranged some furniture, and planted some new seeds. Mainly because I cleaned the fridge out yesterday so that, while it’s clean….it is also empty. So my breakfast was extra coffee.

I have moved Big Mama to the sun porch….and it was SO comical that I had to do it when no one was home to watch me. During the colder months, she perches on the TV cabinet in the living room, and I spread her arms out. On one side, I weave her branches through some cool metal grids that I have on the wall, while the other side stretches out to a convenient lamp hook in the ceiling. So…..to move her, I have to:

  • Move everything else off- which entails me hopping onto the end of the love seat on one side, and standing on the chair on the other. All pictures, nick knacks, and other plants get moved first. (See large pile in the middle of my living room floor)
  • Pull Big Mama forward to the front, then s l o w l y disentangle her arms from what they have grown around…again, jumping up and down on the furniture, and trying not to hurt her. (I am murmuring sweet nothings into her leaves at this point, so she doesn’t freak out too much and just drop all her leaves)
  • Ending up with her extra long arms draped over both shoulders (and across the room behind me)- I carefully lift Big Mama down….and she is heavy.
  • Do a “stooge walk” across the house… trying to drag her arms behind me, but not catch them on anything. I had to make it around the dining room table- a comedy in itself, since I was basically dancing my hips (violently) back and forth trying to get the arms around the table. Did I mention that she is heavy?!?!
  • Sit Big Mama into place, keeping her arms around me….and step slowly back. Drop arms carefully down on each side.
  • Spend next 30 minutes draping her arms and leaves, gently detangling the branches. Move other plants around, because clearly….this plant is the Queen.
  • Image

Talking gently and reassuring Big Mama the whole time is key. I want her to know that she will adore the Spring and Summer warmth and sunshine, once she gets all comfy. (And forgives me for jostling her around.)

Big Mama has grown since last years move! She reaches almost all the way across the porch. I had to move into panorama mode, and still had to marry the photos to get her girth. Check her out!


My Mama spider and her babies (newly transplanted I hope they make it, I have never done that before) had to be moved inside for the moment, until I can make room for them on the other side of the porch. For now, they are in a place of honor in the living room.


They seem very “limp” right now, but since they are all recently repotted- I am hoping they perk up.

Maybe I should sprinkle some coffee beans in their pots? *grin*


Monday Monday


I cannot possibly be the only one that doesn’t so much hate Monday, as much as I like the cozy feeling of routines taking over…the need to follow a schedule. The necessity of getting dressed, prepping for the day, packing up, and heading out. I love it even more when the guys have gone, off to work and school, and silence falls.

The day’s to-do list invariably looms ahead of me, but for a small moment, as the door closes behind my child and the bus pulls out of the subdivision (and I wait for this sign – just in case he somehow misses it!)…..there is quiet.

A sip of coffee, a stretch, and a yawn. *perfection*

Keep in mind that I may be delusional from lack of sleep…

That being said, I would like to share a book series that I finished last night- in the middle of the night, actually, since sleep is for sissies. I do not think this book is for everyone, certainly not the mainstream-have no imagination-cannot see in Technicolor-boring doesn’t enjoy losing yourself in a book- kinda person.



My BN Nook Review:

I didnt just read this book….I tasted it, touched it, smelled it, saw it, and heard it. Poetry that was oddly sensory- every be-bop and slinkster word delectable. I fell in headfirst and dove back in as often as I could. I looked in the mirror and wished for violet eyes and grasped for the freedom expressed here. In other words…..I adored every magical word of it.

This book combines the “Weetzie Bat” series into one volume.  Full disclosure: “Missing Angel Juan” was my favorite.

If you can handle it- jump on in.

Bibliophile. And PROUD of it.


I love books. And by love, I mean ADORE, worship, dream of, and live for them. Reading has been my favorite past time for longer than I can even remember.

Some of my earliest family stories involve me and books:

  • The time when my grandparents were babysitting me in thier ceramic shop because my (single hard-working) mom had to work. My mom came to pick me up….but no one knew where I was. I had been SO quiet the whole time that my grandparents had forgotten I was there, hadn’t fed me or played with me…..because I was curled up under the counter reading. All day. Perfectly happy.
  • The time I was reading while walking (always dangerous for me- yet I do it ALL the time) when we were camping. It was starting to get dark, and the campfire had been started to get ready to make dinner on. I must have been getting cold because I wandered closer….and then closer still….then WALKED INTO the fire while totally engrossed in my book. Yep- have the scar to prove it.
  • Visiting my grandparents at the cottage on my dads weekends, reading all the way up. Then going out on the boat while everyone fished….and I curled up in the sun and read. Taking the paddle-boat out all by myself to the middle of the lake and basking in the sun….while reading.
  • LOVE the visual memory of me walking all 3 of my babies through town with our wagon to the library on a beautiful sunshiny day to the “used book” sale. We filled our wagon and I had to perch my toddler son in the middle of the piles as we s l o w l y made our way, all of us reading and giggling the whole way home.

So imagine my grief when one of our favorite stores, Discount Books, closed a few months ago.  I had taken my kids there for years. Usually giving them each a budget and let them wander til they found the perfect books. Who can resist older magazine issues for $1 or bookmarks for .50?    We were SO sad.

Then- last week, my husband and I found “The Bookshelf”, a new bookstore that popped up. When we walked in, my favorite employee from Discount Books greeted us! She and her husband had bought some of the stock from DB and opened a smaller newer version of the used/discount bookstore. SO excited, I wanted to hug her. (My husband stopped me- good call.) I bought several books, some new and some used- total bliss. I was very excited to find a book from a series that I collect, one I hadn’t bought yet….for $3!

Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that I HAD already gotten that book- I just haven’t read it yet. DANG.

So, yesterday (about a week later)- I was driving by this store, and figured I would stop in and ask if they would let me swap it out for another. I assumed they would say no- returning books is just usually not DONE. But…when I walked in and explained, the owner said “Usually, we don’t do that, but I will let you- sure.” YEAH!!

As I am wandering down the aisles, I was chatting with her- about customer service and how some people are cranky and determined to not be happy, no matter what you do or say- SO TRUE. As we are talking, I am mentally calculating my wallet and how I can NOT really afford one more book right now. The other owner- her husband- comes out of the back, walks up to me, and says the magic words: “If you buy 3 books RIGHT NOW, I will give you 2 more FREE”.

How in the heck could I say no to THAT?!?!?!?

Final result: $12 bucks for 5 NEW books (plus 1 that I had exchanged).

I love books, small bookstores, and happy people.


Since the 11th would have been my moms 61st Birthday, I had been sniffling and sobbing all day- just dragging. These people made my day, without even knowing. LOVE that..

I am a Bibliophile.

Fun Facts!


The past few days have been KILLER- and not in a good way.

SO, to lighten things up, I thought I would share some facts that you may or may not know.

Prepare to  laugh:

  • More than 10 people are killed by vending machines per year!
  • To burn off a Big Mac, fry, and super sized Coke- you would have to walk 7 miles STRAIGHT!
  • Cash machines are DIRTIER than public toilets.
  • The can opener was invented 48 YEARS after the can.
  • Cherophobia = Fear of FUN
  • The dried foodstuff used by the military was originally created to be rehydrated by urine.
  • Chewing gum is known to boost your brain power!
  • Taiwan has a Hello Kitty themed hospital.
  • There is a town in Pennsylvania named Intercourse!
  • Over 1000 birds a year die from smashing into windows.

And my favorite:  Myopia is associated with higher IQ.

Yep- I knew my sexy glasses were more than just cute!


Happy Tuesday!

Feeling Thrifty?

Feeling Thrifty?

I adore thrift stores. Call ’em what you will: Consignment shops, antique malls, resale stores, Goodwill.

I LOVE them.

Possibilities everywhere.

Some of the things that I always look for are: Scrabble games, Ouija boards, cast iron trivets, and interesting old picture frames.

Imagine how excited I was when D found this game for me this week. It was waiting for me when I got home from work the other night, on the stand just inside the front door. I actually squealed!

Just last weekend, I found the coolest Chinese Checkers game, marbles inside  and intact. I have some crafty plans for this eventually- but not until I play a few rounds with my youngest chicklet.

There are SO many crafty ideas floating around in my brain for these pre-used goodies.

Stay tuned- I will share one of my projects next week!

Wednesdays are for Reading


I think I could read all day and all night….and be perfectly happy.

My love for books apparently started quite young- most of my relatives stories involving me have me as book-in-hand.  I have scars to prove that while reading, I have walked into walls, roads, off sidewalks, fallen, and even walked into a campfire!

Books are my retreat, my reward, my favorite friend, my escape, and my hobby.

Today, I finished “Spacked and Spooked”, the second book in Jennie Bentleys”Do-It-Yourself Mystery” series. It was a fun quick read, if somewhat predictable. I could tell when certain things or characters would be important later on, and it was fairly easy to guess who did what. Still, I read it all the way through- sometimes a book is so poorly written or boring that I can’t bear to continue- and I smiled right up until the end.

This book, for me, was tandemount to having a can of Pringles…..it’s not the healthiest snack, but its salty and delicious nonetheless.



ATC (Artist Trading Cards)


Roses 2 1/2Roses 2 2/2tradedEternity 1/3laugh and live more 1/1Eternity 2/3

Tuesdays are usually a SLOOOOOOW starting day for me.
Frida's Birdhouse - ATC TRADEDTwo of a Kind - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADEATC for trade.  My Darkest HourMadame de PompadourSong BirdSir Scruffington

So I usually end up reaching out for inspiration.
StillnessPredatorSwap ATC'sI'm All Ears - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADEI Love Carrots - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADECreated with love; spring time

This is one on of my favorite inspiration sites.  There are some GREAT artists here! No matter your art preference or style- this is a great source of eye candy.
Created with love; strawberries!Girly owlBeachyPeople of the world: TurkeyGlossyCreated with love; Owl

ATC (Artist Trading Cards), a group on Flickr.

My other fave?    http://pinterest.com/

If  you have not already figured it out, PinInterest is to artists what crack is to an addict. Seriously- it IS hoarding made pretty.

SO addictive. Just don’t forget- it is INSPIRATION. A starting point- then you need to GET OFFLINE and actually make something.

I know-  it’s soooooo easy to submerse yourself in online lovliness. But go.