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Proof positive.


I have already blogged about my love of books. I am a naturally born bibliophile.

Todays photo “assignment” offers proof positive.

Exhibit A:


My Nook + Kindle App on my laptop + my current library books.

Oh yeah. #photoadayMay

I just finished reading “Kiss of Frost” by Jennifer Estep. This is book 2 of the Mythos Academy series.

I am loving this series, the characters, and the surroundings. With originality at a premium these days, there is not a ton of new ground covered here, but I do love Myths- and these books are brimming with them. Gypsies, godesses, warriors, and the Chaos wars= fun. I didn’t miss vamps or ghosts once! Yes, the boarding school could be a Hogwarts sister school. (On a side note, I do get a little thrill when it references the Mythos Academy being located “just outside of Asheville, at the base of some mountains”…since my middle chicklet is currently attending college right outside of Asheville, at the base of some mountains.) These are YA books, but I don’t mind. In fact, I appreciate a book that doesn’t rely on a hot and steamy scene to cement a plot. (Not that I mind those books either….just a different kind of book). Ah, teenage angst- gypsy style.

I am looking forward to the next installment, “Dark Frost”, due out May 25th.


Wednesdays are for Reading


I think I could read all day and all night….and be perfectly happy.

My love for books apparently started quite young- most of my relatives stories involving me have me as book-in-hand.  I have scars to prove that while reading, I have walked into walls, roads, off sidewalks, fallen, and even walked into a campfire!

Books are my retreat, my reward, my favorite friend, my escape, and my hobby.

Today, I finished “Spacked and Spooked”, the second book in Jennie Bentleys”Do-It-Yourself Mystery” series. It was a fun quick read, if somewhat predictable. I could tell when certain things or characters would be important later on, and it was fairly easy to guess who did what. Still, I read it all the way through- sometimes a book is so poorly written or boring that I can’t bear to continue- and I smiled right up until the end.

This book, for me, was tandemount to having a can of Pringles…’s not the healthiest snack, but its salty and delicious nonetheless.