I am NOT a prude. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me.

So imagine my surprise when I put DOWN a book due to excessive swearing and gratuitous sex. I am not going to name the book, but suffice it to say that it was rated well OK on B&N and GoodReads, and was in my “normal” genre.

I have nothing against sex, even a lot of it…..IF it fits in with the story, adding a layer of drama or tension, etc. But when there is NOTHING else to the “story” (this is not a book listed as erotica)…well, color me bored. Throwing together a string of expletives and calling it a narrative is just assinine stupid. I do not understand how this book even got published, let alone lauded.

This has happened before.

I ADORE the Laurell K Hamilton series, both the Anita and the Merry books. BUT…I noticed that even though I did buy (in HC!) the most recent books, I haven’t even read the latest one. Why? Because the storyline has not intrigued me enough to get past the *constant* sex. Oh, I know…there is a succubus and “necessary blood appleaspect that is necessary to the story. H*ll, I originally started the series due to the hot steamy additions. But in several of the more recent books I noticed that I finished the book and didn’t get anything out of it. NO addition to the storyline, no anticipation to turn the page, not even anything new. (How weird is that- new animals, sex partners, sexual inclinations…all ho-hum?) I threw the book across the room had to stop reading.

Luckily, the Merry series is still h*t AND still has a storyline that has me hooked.

I honestly wonder if this “over sexed” aspect in so many in the books in my favored genre is what led me to read so many YA books lately? Seems plausible.

I would like to point out a fantastic exception. 

I just finished “Daughter of the Blood- Black Jewels Bk 1” by Ann Bishop

I started this book kind of reluctantly, given my penchant for avoiding most historical fiction when at all possible. I also made the mistake of reading the GoodReads reviews first- and wish I hadn’t. The language that several reviewers whined about was not a problem. In fact, I chuckled (!) several times due to the play-on-words in regards to names and places. AND…..there was sex. Or at least sexual references. In fact, there was a ton of it- but it added dimension and drama to the storyline. There was prostitution, consorts, and even political sex- all important, not overt, and it didn’t need to be spelled out detail by detail. This is one of those books that, the more I think back about it, the more I love it. It introduced a new kind of paranormal/psychic/metaphysical diorama- the jewel hierarchy. It gave me characters…then got me invested by gradually connecting them. There were heroes and villains- not who you would expect either. There was a ton that could still be explored, so much so that I immediately requested the next 2 books from the library. Yup- I even liked the cover.

Does this add yet another layer to my “book snobbishness”? Perhaps.

But let me just say this: If your book depends on primarily on sex- label it as erotica, not fiction. That way you get the right readers. And if your book consists primarily of swear words- don’t bother. Actually, I think even that could probably be done well, with the right storyline. (See “Push” by Sapphire). 

I guess that the solution is simple: I need to choose better books. Suggestions?

(Please skip the vampire suggestions, unless it is something new- I am totally sick of  burnt out on vamps.)


I am still loving the “Broken Heart Vampires” series. ( And it’s as cheesy as it gets.

Too much sex?


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  1. Sharon Shinn is an author that I am always excited to read. Her Archangel series is amazing, but the Twelve Houses (first book Mystic and Rider) has been in my top favorites for a long time. She also has a new one Troubled Waters that I enjoyed.

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