Something that makes me happy…


May 12th, #PhotoadayMay: Something that makes you happy.


Happiness is hard to photograph. Hard to capture and hold onto. It’s easy to let slip past and forget about that brief bubble that made you smile. This is a picture of something that my Tator Tot made for me, years ago. A handmade “box” that has things written on it- things that meant a lot to me at the time, most of them are things I still love. More importantly….these are things that my daughter knew that I loved. This box showed me a connection, an understanding, a shared joy in little things that I loved. It is one of my favorite possesions. I adore everything about it- most of all that it was made for me with love.

May 13th: Mum  #PhotoadayMay

I have been lucky in my life, to have not one, but two moms. Not everyone feels that kind of love…let alone twice.

I miss my mom every day…every minute of every day…every second of every minute. There is an ache inside, in a place that I never even knew existed, until she was gone.  This isnt a new picture, but it is a picture OF a photo…one that I adore.

There is another person who is my mom- who sacrificed, put my needs ahead of hers, and loves me unconditionally. She is a mother in every sense of the word, a grandmother to my children, and one of my best friends in the world. I am grateful to have her in my life, and to have her family as mine.




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