Photo A Day….catch up version.


May 8: A smell you adore



May 9:


Something I do everyday….take meds. *I DETEST HATE really really dislike this necessity.

May 10:


My life is nothing less than Ironic personified. Hence my licence plate. (In yet another ironic twist of fate- my licence plate is WAY cooler than my car is.)

Lastly, TODAY- May 11


This is a shot of my kitchen, which shows off my cast iron trivet collection and a sign that states “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t Nobody happy.”  This is one of those oldy but goodies that makes you shake your head at it’s true-ness.

Letmejustsaythisrightnow…..I am NEVER “caught up” on anything, and I have made peace with that. My life is not a race to catch up, it is a slow walk full of color, sights, and sounds that I want to savor.

I am what I am- imperfect, beautiful, and full to the brim of MEness.


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