May 1: The Beginning


May 1.

19 years ago my beautiful daughter was born: independant from the start, stubborn, and beautiful as all get out.Image

I am proud of her. Simple truth. I also miss her so much my heart hurts. But I know that I miss the girl she was- the happy swimmer who always brought the smell of chlorine to the room, had her nose in a journal of some sort, and loved her brother with a ferocity rarely seen. The women she is growing in to is a new presence- struggling to make her own way, fighting to not be pegged, and wanting something still unknown. I want to know this girl women.  I hope I get that chance. She is so far away right now, and I feel every mile.

Happy Birthday Tator Tot. We love you here.




Happy May Day- Happy Spring!

I am going to attempt (again) the blog challenge found here:


Mostly on FB- but here is my May 1 pic (and yes, I cheated. I am using a photo I took a few weeks ago- I kinda forgot about it until (AKA Kelli) reminded me about it. I will try to do better.)

Gosh I say that a lot.



What is more peaceful than a sweet caterpillar on a warm Spring day?


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