Spring has officially arrived!


It’s even 9AM and I have already moved my plants around, rearranged some furniture, and planted some new seeds. Mainly because I cleaned the fridge out yesterday so that, while it’s clean….it is also empty. So my breakfast was extra coffee.

I have moved Big Mama to the sun porch….and it was SO comical that I had to do it when no one was home to watch me. During the colder months, she perches on the TV cabinet in the living room, and I spread her arms out. On one side, I weave her branches through some cool metal grids that I have on the wall, while the other side stretches out to a convenient lamp hook in the ceiling. So…..to move her, I have to:

  • Move everything else off- which entails me hopping onto the end of the love seat on one side, and standing on the chair on the other. All pictures, nick knacks, and other plants get moved first. (See large pile in the middle of my living room floor)
  • Pull Big Mama forward to the front, then s l o w l y disentangle her arms from what they have grown around…again, jumping up and down on the furniture, and trying not to hurt her. (I am murmuring sweet nothings into her leaves at this point, so she doesn’t freak out too much and just drop all her leaves)
  • Ending up with her extra long arms draped over both shoulders (and across the room behind me)- I carefully lift Big Mama down….and she is heavy.
  • Do a “stooge walk” across the house… trying to drag her arms behind me, but not catch them on anything. I had to make it around the dining room table- a comedy in itself, since I was basically dancing my hips (violently) back and forth trying to get the arms around the table. Did I mention that she is heavy?!?!
  • Sit Big Mama into place, keeping her arms around me….and step slowly back. Drop arms carefully down on each side.
  • Spend next 30 minutes draping her arms and leaves, gently detangling the branches. Move other plants around, because clearly….this plant is the Queen.
  • Image

Talking gently and reassuring Big Mama the whole time is key. I want her to know that she will adore the Spring and Summer warmth and sunshine, once she gets all comfy. (And forgives me for jostling her around.)

Big Mama has grown since last years move! She reaches almost all the way across the porch. I had to move into panorama mode, and still had to marry the photos to get her girth. Check her out!


My Mama spider and her babies (newly transplanted I hope they make it, I have never done that before) had to be moved inside for the moment, until I can make room for them on the other side of the porch. For now, they are in a place of honor in the living room.


They seem very “limp” right now, but since they are all recently repotted- I am hoping they perk up.

Maybe I should sprinkle some coffee beans in their pots? *grin*


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