Wednesdays are for Reading


I think I could read all day and all night….and be perfectly happy.

My love for books apparently started quite young- most of my relatives stories involving me have me as book-in-hand.  I have scars to prove that while reading, I have walked into walls, roads, off sidewalks, fallen, and even walked into a campfire!

Books are my retreat, my reward, my favorite friend, my escape, and my hobby.

Today, I finished “Spacked and Spooked”, the second book in Jennie Bentleys”Do-It-Yourself Mystery” series. It was a fun quick read, if somewhat predictable. I could tell when certain things or characters would be important later on, and it was fairly easy to guess who did what. Still, I read it all the way through- sometimes a book is so poorly written or boring that I can’t bear to continue- and I smiled right up until the end.

This book, for me, was tandemount to having a can of Pringles…’s not the healthiest snack, but its salty and delicious nonetheless.



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