ATC (Artist Trading Cards)


Roses 2 1/2Roses 2 2/2tradedEternity 1/3laugh and live more 1/1Eternity 2/3

Tuesdays are usually a SLOOOOOOW starting day for me.
Frida's Birdhouse - ATC TRADEDTwo of a Kind - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADEATC for trade.  My Darkest HourMadame de PompadourSong BirdSir Scruffington

So I usually end up reaching out for inspiration.
StillnessPredatorSwap ATC'sI'm All Ears - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADEI Love Carrots - ATC AVAILABLE FOR TRADECreated with love; spring time

This is one on of my favorite inspiration sites.  There are some GREAT artists here! No matter your art preference or style- this is a great source of eye candy.
Created with love; strawberries!Girly owlBeachyPeople of the world: TurkeyGlossyCreated with love; Owl

ATC (Artist Trading Cards), a group on Flickr.

My other fave?

If  you have not already figured it out, PinInterest is to artists what crack is to an addict. Seriously- it IS hoarding made pretty.

SO addictive. Just don’t forget- it is INSPIRATION. A starting point- then you need to GET OFFLINE and actually make something.

I know-  it’s soooooo easy to submerse yourself in online lovliness. But go.



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