I am NOT a prude. Seriously, ask anyone who knows me.

So imagine my surprise when I put DOWN a book due to excessive swearing and gratuitous sex. I am not going to name the book, but suffice it to say that it was rated well OK on B&N and GoodReads, and was in my “normal” genre.

I have nothing against sex, even a lot of it…..IF it fits in with the story, adding a layer of drama or tension, etc. But when there is NOTHING else to the “story” (this is not a book listed as erotica)…well, color me bored. Throwing together a string of expletives and calling it a narrative is just assinine stupid. I do not understand how this book even got published, let alone lauded.

This has happened before.

I ADORE the Laurell K Hamilton series, both the Anita and the Merry books. BUT…I noticed that even though I did buy (in HC!) the most recent books, I haven’t even read the latest one. Why? Because the storyline has not intrigued me enough to get past the *constant* sex. Oh, I know…there is a succubus and “necessary blood appleaspect that is necessary to the story. H*ll, I originally started the series due to the hot steamy additions. But in several of the more recent books I noticed that I finished the book and didn’t get anything out of it. NO addition to the storyline, no anticipation to turn the page, not even anything new. (How weird is that- new animals, sex partners, sexual inclinations…all ho-hum?) I threw the book across the room had to stop reading.

Luckily, the Merry series is still h*t AND still has a storyline that has me hooked.

I honestly wonder if this “over sexed” aspect in so many in the books in my favored genre is what led me to read so many YA books lately? Seems plausible.

I would like to point out a fantastic exception. 

I just finished “Daughter of the Blood- Black Jewels Bk 1” by Ann Bishop

I started this book kind of reluctantly, given my penchant for avoiding most historical fiction when at all possible. I also made the mistake of reading the GoodReads reviews first- and wish I hadn’t. The language that several reviewers whined about was not a problem. In fact, I chuckled (!) several times due to the play-on-words in regards to names and places. AND…..there was sex. Or at least sexual references. In fact, there was a ton of it- but it added dimension and drama to the storyline. There was prostitution, consorts, and even political sex- all important, not overt, and it didn’t need to be spelled out detail by detail. This is one of those books that, the more I think back about it, the more I love it. It introduced a new kind of paranormal/psychic/metaphysical diorama- the jewel hierarchy. It gave me characters…then got me invested by gradually connecting them. There were heroes and villains- not who you would expect either. There was a ton that could still be explored, so much so that I immediately requested the next 2 books from the library. Yup- I even liked the cover.

Does this add yet another layer to my “book snobbishness”? Perhaps.

But let me just say this: If your book depends on primarily on sex- label it as erotica, not fiction. That way you get the right readers. And if your book consists primarily of swear words- don’t bother. Actually, I think even that could probably be done well, with the right storyline. (See “Push” by Sapphire). 

I guess that the solution is simple: I need to choose better books. Suggestions?

(Please skip the vampire suggestions, unless it is something new- I am totally sick of  burnt out on vamps.)


I am still loving the “Broken Heart Vampires” series. ( And it’s as cheesy as it gets.

Too much sex?


Proof positive.


I have already blogged about my love of books. I am a naturally born bibliophile.

Todays photo “assignment” offers proof positive.

Exhibit A:


My Nook + Kindle App on my laptop + my current library books.

Oh yeah. #photoadayMay

I just finished reading “Kiss of Frost” by Jennifer Estep. This is book 2 of the Mythos Academy series.

I am loving this series, the characters, and the surroundings. With originality at a premium these days, there is not a ton of new ground covered here, but I do love Myths- and these books are brimming with them. Gypsies, godesses, warriors, and the Chaos wars= fun. I didn’t miss vamps or ghosts once! Yes, the boarding school could be a Hogwarts sister school. (On a side note, I do get a little thrill when it references the Mythos Academy being located “just outside of Asheville, at the base of some mountains”…since my middle chicklet is currently attending college right outside of Asheville, at the base of some mountains.) These are YA books, but I don’t mind. In fact, I appreciate a book that doesn’t rely on a hot and steamy scene to cement a plot. (Not that I mind those books either….just a different kind of book). Ah, teenage angst- gypsy style.

I am looking forward to the next installment, “Dark Frost”, due out May 25th.

Am I a Book Snob?


I was browsing this morning….and I realized something.

I am a Book Snob.

I choose books to read by their cover- a LOT. I mean to tell you….I have never realized how turned off I get by a bad cover. In person, at book sales or at the library, I will pick up a book for a good cover. THEN I will look at and read the description. IF I am looking for a specific book (recommended or favorite author), I will actually not pick something up if the cover doesn’t interest me. Even if it is an E-book and the description rocks, I find myself looking for reviews before reluctantly adding it to my book bag, if the cover sucks.

I am sure that everyone looks for specific words that interest them. I notice that words call to me…words like Dystopian, Paranormal, creepy, and ghostly. These are some of the words that lead me. I follow them into the shelves, reviews, and various websites. I open books by authors unknown, self published, and trampled on by others. But only if the cover is interesting. I am worried that I miss out on some good books this way- but there it is.

Wow….shallow much?

Sad, but true. So…Authors?!? Listen up.

You need to rock a cover.  Even if your name is John Saul, Stephen King, or Laurell K Hamilton. I actually stopped reading Stephen King because his covers are…unremarkable (and his writing has become, IMHO, a little pretentious). Yet, I picked UP a John Saul, having not read him for years, and dived in gratefully- due to interesting cover art.

On a side note: Putting a shirtless/ripped open/half-naked man on the cover of a book is NOT a good marketing strategy. Lots of adult women get over that in their teens, and prefer a little subtlety. I turn away with an eye roll when I see these covers. Makes me wonder about the weakness of your plot, if you have to stoop that way.  Again, just my opinion.

#PhotoadayMay:  Love


Something that makes me happy…


May 12th, #PhotoadayMay: Something that makes you happy.


Happiness is hard to photograph. Hard to capture and hold onto. It’s easy to let slip past and forget about that brief bubble that made you smile. This is a picture of something that my Tator Tot made for me, years ago. A handmade “box” that has things written on it- things that meant a lot to me at the time, most of them are things I still love. More importantly….these are things that my daughter knew that I loved. This box showed me a connection, an understanding, a shared joy in little things that I loved. It is one of my favorite possesions. I adore everything about it- most of all that it was made for me with love.

May 13th: Mum  #PhotoadayMay

I have been lucky in my life, to have not one, but two moms. Not everyone feels that kind of love…let alone twice.

I miss my mom every day…every minute of every day…every second of every minute. There is an ache inside, in a place that I never even knew existed, until she was gone.  This isnt a new picture, but it is a picture OF a photo…one that I adore.

There is another person who is my mom- who sacrificed, put my needs ahead of hers, and loves me unconditionally. She is a mother in every sense of the word, a grandmother to my children, and one of my best friends in the world. I am grateful to have her in my life, and to have her family as mine.



Photo A Day….catch up version.


May 8: A smell you adore



May 9:


Something I do everyday….take meds. *I DETEST HATE really really dislike this necessity.

May 10:


My life is nothing less than Ironic personified. Hence my licence plate. (In yet another ironic twist of fate- my licence plate is WAY cooler than my car is.)

Lastly, TODAY- May 11


This is a shot of my kitchen, which shows off my cast iron trivet collection and a sign that states “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t Nobody happy.”  This is one of those oldy but goodies that makes you shake your head at it’s true-ness.

Letmejustsaythisrightnow…..I am NEVER “caught up” on anything, and I have made peace with that. My life is not a race to catch up, it is a slow walk full of color, sights, and sounds that I want to savor.

I am what I am- imperfect, beautiful, and full to the brim of MEness.

My perspective.


#photoadayMay: Skyline

Days, they are achanging.


#picofthedayMay: Something you wore today.


I don’t go for pink or coral toes. Oh no- my favorite is a cheery black or steel grey.

Storms brought rain, lightning, thunder, and hail this evening. I would like to say that I enjoyed it as much as the chicklet (he says that hail tastes salty), but it the barometric pressure just hurts. At least the flowers will be pretty in the mornin’.

Lastly, a shout out to the peeps. They added a scanner to the mobile app. It ROCKS.

May 1: The Beginning


May 1.

19 years ago my beautiful daughter was born: independant from the start, stubborn, and beautiful as all get out.Image

I am proud of her. Simple truth. I also miss her so much my heart hurts. But I know that I miss the girl she was- the happy swimmer who always brought the smell of chlorine to the room, had her nose in a journal of some sort, and loved her brother with a ferocity rarely seen. The women she is growing in to is a new presence- struggling to make her own way, fighting to not be pegged, and wanting something still unknown. I want to know this girl women.  I hope I get that chance. She is so far away right now, and I feel every mile.

Happy Birthday Tator Tot. We love you here.




Happy May Day- Happy Spring!

I am going to attempt (again) the blog challenge found here:


Mostly on FB- but here is my May 1 pic (and yes, I cheated. I am using a photo I took a few weeks ago- I kinda forgot about it until (AKA Kelli) reminded me about it. I will try to do better.)

Gosh I say that a lot.



What is more peaceful than a sweet caterpillar on a warm Spring day?